Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Chaos SP Farming Guide 2012

Hey guys, i'm sure a lot of you have been looking for a Last Chaos SP Farming guide that actually works and is up to date; and if you are, this is the right place for you.

1. To Start:
This step is only for people who start a new account for this, which is is the best choice because Skill Points are so much easier and faster to get the lower level you are. Well to start, when you make a new character, and get to the tutorial, choose to skip it so you are still level 1 when you get to Juno.

2. Do not do any of the quests in the beginning, EXCEPT the quest that gives you the mercinary. Kill foxes until you are level 6.

3. Once you have reached level 6, go to Randol and find a level 6 guild to join. The reason for this is because the guild master can lock your experience so that you level up much slower.

4. After your xp is locked, go to the Sasquatches. Not Elite Godeys. Kill Sasquatches from level 6 to 18. Your mercinary will speed this up a lot. To maximize SP gain, i would reccomend purchasing some super skill pills, and some SP boosters, either from players, or through the games shop.

5. If you used the xp boosters and skill pills, then by the time you are level 18, you will have about 6k SP. It is now time to move on to Treants. Kill these until level 24.

6. At level 24, you should have about 12k SP. The next place to go is the Drakes Nest. Kill the level 30 Elder Drakes all the way until you are level 31. At this time you are now set for a while. You will have about 20k SP and be able to choose a job now. You will not have to SP Farm again until level 60, so this will keep you set for a while.

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